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“Anton Martynov, a remarkable musician – man orchestra that brings together all the talents. Tonight, his violin takes us deep into Antonio Santana’s fiery universe… All in colours, in virtuosity and intensity….”
Alain Duhault

“The Largo of the 2nd concerto, of a striking and disarming beauty, is particularly noteworthy. The lyricism of Anton Martynov’s violin alternating with a heartbreaking rhythm driven by the tutti. The 3rd concerto shows us, if necessary, all the virtuosity required to perform the solo violin part: Vivaldi still uses all his ingenuity as a composer.”

“The violin is in the spotlight this week, thanks to Anton Martynov, a bow nourished by the great Russian school, but whose taste for musical adventures sometimes also pushes him towards the baroque. This beautiful adventure that he embarks upon by presenting the Violins in Spring for us in Paris”
A NOUS PARIS • Alain Cochard

“Mention must be made of a moment of absolute grace: the slow movement of Concerto No. 2 in E minor, RV 279. Emotion and dramatic tension increase in a breathless series of two bow shots (like two terrible blows of fate), followed by two fingertips and hair presses, as if the sound of this emotional echo were only obtained by a bouncy movement brushed against the string. However, virtuosity quickly resumed its rights and the rest of the evening passed in a dazzling flash.”

“…Virtuoso, inspired and penetrating, Anton Martynov has the art of leading his audience into new musical experiences. In his unique style of playing, he combines purity of sound and power, and a dazzling spirit that touches the depths of the soul. This is the sign of a great musical personality in the lineage of a Heifetz or a Oistrakh.”
LA VIE MUSICALE • Evgenia Krivitskaya


FRANCE MUSIQUEClassic Club: Emmanuel K.’s Les Fantaisies marines, with Anton Martynov and Emmanuel Krivine. By Lionel Esparza – March 2018
RADIO ENGHIENMusical ballad: Interview of Anton Martynov by Bernard Ventre – March 2018
RADIO AIR SHOW • Doctor 2.0 : Interview with Anton Martynov by David Gutman – March 2018
FRANCE MUSIQUELe Carrefour de Lodéon by Frédéric Lodéon – March 2016
RADIO CLASSIQUEpot broadcast from 14 to 18 March 2016
RADIO ENGHIENMusical ballad by Bernard Ventre – March 2016
FRÉQUENCE PROTESTENTECantabile by Marc Porthehaut – March 2016


TÉLÉRAMA SORTIR • Anton Martynov / Nicholas Angelich, Selection review by Judith Chaine – March 2018
LA TERRASSE • Close-up : Le Printemps du Violon – March 2018
LE PARISIEN • An air of Russia in the Violin Spring – March 2018
POINT DE VUE • A violin on the Seine by Pauline Sommelet – March 2018
PÉCHÉ DE CLASSIQUE • Anton Martynov: I would like someone to explain to me one day what the Russian school is – on the cover of N.163, March 2017
LA LETTRE DU MUSICIEN • Vivaldi’s Stravaganza, the final firework display of the Printemps du violon in Paris by Louis Carrion – March 2017
A nous ParisLe Printemps du violin by Alain Cochard – March 2016
CLASSICAThe Temple of the Violin – March 2016
LA VOCESan Martino at Christmas, a concert that captures you – December 2015
LA NAZIONEGitlis’ violin and the superstar night at the Festival – August 2015
LE TREGORExceptional concert against a backdrop of childhood memories – May 2015
LA VIE MUSICALEThe Siberian Marathon by Evgenia Krivitskaya – October 2013


LES SOIRÉES DE PARIS • Magic strings by Lise Bloch-Morhange – Mars 2018
CLASSICAGENDAVivaldi seduces the Palais de Béhague ! by Julien Bordas – mars 2017
CLASSICAGENDAVoice range by Frédéric Hutman – March 2016
CONCERTCLASSIC.COMAnton Martynov and his friends by Alain Cochard – Mars 2016
CUMHURIYETThe Istanbul Symphony Orchestra’s Lovers’ Day Concert – Février 2014
GOTHIC NETWORKBrilliant with Federico Maria Sardelli Light Baroque shadows – Décembre 2013
CONCERTCLASSIC.COMThree questions to Anton Martynov – Février 2012